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Ivo Spirov is a contemporary artist who is originally from Sofia, Bulgaria. He was born in 1984, and he has dedicated a large portion of his life to his love of painting. Currently residing in Los Angeles,CA. .


The bright visual worlds and immersive  storytelling of Japanese animation, as those in the classic works of Katsuhiro Otomo, Satoshi Kon and Hayao Miyazaki , have a significant effect on Spirov's work. He creates works that inspire viewers to let go of their assumptions and open their brains to new ideas by utilizing vivid colors and inventive subjects. Even though he deals with frequently challenging and mature subjects, he does it with the wonder and technicolor lens of a child, imbuing his artwork with a feeling of whimsy and wonder. This gives viewers, regardless of their age, ethnicity, sex, or demographic, a sense of freedom and possibilities. 

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